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欢迎来到圣. 文森特·正规靠谱的彩票app高中. Pallotti High School has served a sacred mission for over 90 years. 在帕洛廷传教修女会的指导下度过了超过75年的时光, 正规靠谱的彩票app让学生意识到并发展他们的个人天赋和才能. 在这个过程中, 一代又一代的正规靠谱的彩票app学生被灌输了正规靠谱的彩票app的信息,即上帝促使我们使用我们的天赋和才能来服务他人.

当你浏览我们的网站时,我真诚地希望你能理解成为正规靠谱的彩票app社区的一员意味着什么. 正规靠谱的彩票app高中为学生提供广泛的学术学习机会, 推荐十大靠谱彩票平台, 表演艺术, 还有课外活动. All are designed to serve our mission of developing students spiritually, 在学业上, 身体上的, 和社会.

Please feel free to come visit us in person. 我想你会发现正规靠谱的彩票app是一所小型学校,为我们的学生提供了巨大的机会.




关于圣. 文森特Pallotti

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推荐十大靠谱彩票平台 is a 男女合校的, 天主教, 二次, 大学预备 school in the Archdiocese of Washington. 正规靠谱的彩票app(Pallotti)于1921年由正规靠谱的彩票app姐妹(Pallottine Sisters)创立,拥有100年的卓越历史. We are located in historic Laurel, Maryland. We attract students from Anne Arundel, 霍华德, 蒙哥马利, 乔治王子郡以及巴尔的摩和哥伦比亚特区.

Pallotti offers young men and women the best of both worlds. We are large enough to boast a wide-ranging curriculum, 尖端技术, and a diverse selection of extracurricular activities. We are also small enough that each student is treated as an individual, possessing unique talents and abilities. We also offer spiritually enriching retreats and service opportunities, and over 20 interscholastic sports teams.

  • 学生总数:400+注册
  • 平均每间教室:17名学生,允许参与学术体验 
  • 1:10师生比例
  • 超过35门荣誉和AP课程 
  • 100%的学生完成至少80小时的社区服务
  • 专门的四年制学术课程,包括视觉和表演艺术学院, Accelerated Science at Pallotti (尽快), 工程专业
  • 静修计划包括新生静修、以服务为基础的静修和凯洛斯
  • 1:1自带设备程序
  • 提供20多个课外活动和俱乐部,包括国家荣誉协会(NHS), 模拟联合国, and Student Government Association (SGA)
  • 96%的毕业生在毕业后继续接受高等教育
  • 25个以上的大学运动队,其中男子队参加MIAA(马里兰州校际体育协会),女子队参加IAAM(马里兰州校际体育协会)。
  • Average annual college scholarship awards totals of $1.500万年
  • Over 70 percent of students participate in one or more sports
  • Accredited by the Maryland State Department of Education, Middle States Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, and the Association of Independent Maryland Schools (AIMS)



We aspire to remain true to the spirit of our patron, St. 文森特Pallotti, 教育和培养青年男女,在世界上“复兴信仰,重燃仁爱”.


  • 我们相信... 
  • 上帝存在于万物之中.
  • 因此,我们...
  • Encourage students to seek God in all that they do.
  • Provide a broad and challenging college-preparatory curriculum.
  • Guide students to develop themselves spiritually, 在道德上, 在学业上, 在艺术上, 和身体上.
  • 我们相信...
  • In the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the truth of the 天主教 faith.
  • 因此,我们...
  • Incorporate faith into every aspect of school life.
  • Teach students to pray and develop a personal relationship with God.
  • 毕业舞会ote character, virtue, and integrity.
  • 我们相信...
  • 人人都是上帝的孩子.
  • 因此,我们...
  • Cultivate a diverse community which welcomes men and women of all faiths, 种族和民族多样性, 国际学生, dialogue between people of differing idea and opinions, and students with different learning styles and abilities.
  • 我们相信...
  • 人人都蒙召作使徒.
  • 因此,我们...
  • 毕业舞会ote community service, especially towards those most in need.
  • Equip and inspire students to share the Gospel.
  • Develop and encourage student leadership.
  • 我们相信...
  • 在家庭的重要性.
  • 因此,我们...
  • Teach our students to love and respect one another as family.
  • Maintain a school size where students feel cared for and personally known.
  • 欢迎学生家庭参与到学校的生活中,并与他们一起发展孩子.
  • 我们相信...
  • 上帝对我们每个人都有一个计划.
  • 因此,我们...
  • Help students recognize and discern their vocation.
  • Meet students where they are in their academic, 社会, and spiritual development and help them grow to their fullest potential.



On July 9, 1911, the extraordinary Father Joseph A. 迈耶来到圣. 玛丽在劳雷尔的教区. 此后不久, in 1913, Father Meyer started a parochial school for the children of the parish, and asked the Sisters of Mercy to staff it. Father Meyer named the new school after his own sister, Sister M. Mildred, who was also a sister of Mercy.

渴望. 米尔德丽德的伤口应该会扩大, Father Meyer purchased a colonial mansion known as the Tiffany Estate, 1917年10月. 劳雷尔历史上有名的名字, 马里兰州的天主教堂, 这个国家的政治生活都与斯诺登家族的原始豪宅和土地有关,它就在St. 玛丽的教堂.

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    的豪宅, which was the home of the manager of the Laurel Mills, was located just north of the present high school gymnasium. A remnant of the original circular driveway can still be seen. 这座大厦经过改造,在主结构的南侧增加了一个框架翼, 为了容纳修道院, 女生的学校和寄宿房间. 这座美丽的石头和框架建筑的建筑完整性被保留了下来. 米尔德丽德学院以整洁、高雅和舒适而闻名. 这所学校被誉为马里兰州最像家的学校, and drew pupils from a wide geographic area.

    In 1920, 迈耶神父在学院附近购买了额外的土地,打算在1921年9月开办一所高中. He applied for additional Sisters of Mercy, but they were unable to supply the desired number of teachers. Thus, the Sisters of Mercy withdrew from Laurel in 1921. 圣修女会. 宾夕法尼亚州栗子山的约瑟夫,从1921年到1934年在这所小学和高中任教.

    In 1934, under the direction of Mother de Pazzi Meurer, 美国天主教传教修女会(Pallottines)获得了该财产的所有权,并接管了学校的管理. As well-educated and experienced teachers, 帕洛廷姐妹为学校带来了创新和专业的性格, 这一直延续到今天.

    By 1936, expansion was necessary for the boarding house. Upon completion, the accommodations for boarders increased from 14 to 50. In 1939, 男女同校学院, under the 总统/主ship of Sister Bede Kurth, received accreditation from the State of Maryland. By that year, enrollment had risen from 23 in 1934 to 179.

    1949年,学院增加了两间新教室,但到1957年,学校又无法容纳自己了. 整个18世纪的豪宅被夷为平地,现在的高中开始建设. It was thought at that time that the new facility, with a capacity for about 400 students and residence for 30 sisters, would end all the space problems for the future. The new building also brought a change in the name from St. 米尔德丽德学院搬到正规靠谱的彩票app高中以纪念正规靠谱的彩票app家族的创始人.

    社会继续发生着增长和变化,教会和修女会也作出了进一步的调整. In 1973, 在艾琳·康纳修女的指导下,寄宿学校被改成了日托中心, 谁在1981年增加了课后看护.

    In 1984, the school name was changed again to 推荐十大靠谱彩票平台. In 1987, a new convent was built at 404 Eighth Street, 姐妹们腾出了大的修道院部分,以便扩建高中和日托中心. In 2001, 这所高中又扩建了一个新的有两个球场的体育馆, 教堂, 多媒体图书馆, 健身中心, locker rooms and athletic trainer's suite, administrative offices and conference rooms. 

    推荐十大靠谱彩票平台是由马里兰州教育部认证的, 中部州学院和学校协会以及马里兰州独立协会 & 直流学校.

    Religious instruction in the 天主教 faith remains a primary focus, 天主教教义和价值观融入学校的所有学术和文化领域. 学生通过参与礼拜生活和体验他们的信仰, 静修和为他人服务. Maintaining its traditional academic excellence, 高中的学术课程已经扩展到包括广泛的选修课, 学习中心, numerous Advanced Placement courses and state-of-the-art technology.

    推荐十大靠谱彩票平台致力于将其赞助人和创始人的愿景扩展为一所独特的学校, 在华盛顿大主教管区和马里兰州的天主教学校中蓬勃发展和成长的领导者.

    今天, 正规靠谱的彩票app是一名无党派人士, 男女合校的, 大学预备, 这所天主教中学为年轻男女提供了两全其美的教育:足够大,可以开设广泛的课程, 尖端技术, spiritually enriching retreats and service opportunities, a diverse selection of extracurricular activities, 21个校际运动队.然而,, with a student population of just around 500, 正规靠谱的彩票app很小,每个学生都能被当作一个个体来对待, possessing unique talents and abilities. 正规靠谱的彩票app是一个年轻人可以得到他们所需要的培养,也可以展开翅膀的地方.


1 :11
35 +
荣誉 & AP课程
91 %
11.8 M


夫人. Sharon Baslev, 66年

姐姐玛丽格雷斯巴里尔' 64,S.A.C.

黛安·布什修女. S.A.C.

保罗·坎贝尔少校,65年. 受潮湿腐烂. 装备的

Mr. 托德坎贝尔

Ms. 克劳迪娅·柯林斯65岁

Mr. 大卫·克里奇

Mr. 利诺Cressotti

Ms. 辛西娅·浮士德

Mr. 乔治·布里登

Mr. Bill Leishear, 87年

姐姐凯伦. S.A.C. '55

Mr. 里奇·麦克劳克林,1983年

修女Danuta Przvbvlek S.A.C.

Mr. G. 里克•威尔逊

Mr. 蒂姆·詹宁斯05

夫人. Niambi斯图尔特



玛丽·特伦斯·沃尔修女,S.A.C. 副省级


Francesca Lowis修女,S.A.C.


Mr. 杰弗里·查克,校长

Mr. David Tenney, Assistant Principal for 学者

Ms. Cathy Cross, Comptroller/Business Manager

夫人. Claire Rudinski, Director for Advancement



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